I go to the cinema at least 3 or 4 4 times per month because I enjoy watch all of the latest blockbusters on the silver screen as soon as they come out. These days the expense of visiting the cinema is increasing, particularly when you add the price of popcorn and drinks. However a pal of mine recently explained about a manner in which I could reduce the cost of my cinema ticket by doing two different things. Both options can be used by anyone plus they are very easy to do.

Check Ticket Prices For Different Days & Times

If you go online and appearance at the show times for the cinemas in your town you will also find information about the corresponding ticket prices. As I am neither a child, students nor a senior, I didn’t think there would be any tickets available to me that would be cheaper compared to the standard price that I pay. cinema I found that ticket prices varied on specific days. At one cinema I found that tickets were designed for around �4.00 less that the typical price. At another movie house tickets were 25% cheaper if booked beforehand. By using either of these measures, I could see that I possibly could save adequate money.

Orange Mobile Network Offers 2 for 1 Ticket Deal

Orange mobile now have a deal which offers you the opportunity to get two cinema tickets for the price tag on one. All you need to accomplish is to be on the network to be able to send a text message to 241. You’ll then receive a code that is your claim for the free ticket. You merely take your phone with the code to 1 of the participating cinemas, show the information to the ticketing person and they’ll offer you your two tickets and only ask you for for one.

Now that you understand about these two ways of getting cheaper tickets, you have the chance of using either option so that you will are able to cut the cost of visiting the cinema. That means there is more money for my popcorn and soda.


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